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Continuing to help academics, students, businesses, and corporations to be understood throughout the 2014/2015 academic/fiscal year, and beyond.

Who we are, and what we do

GrammarProofing offers and delivers quality proofreading, editing, and translating services to all of our student, corporate and business clients.

Who will be the next person to see your dissertation, project proposal, or contract outline? If it is your tutor, your boss, or your next paying customer, why take the chance that your document is anything less than perfect?


Reduced prices...

All services have been reduced by 20%. Why not start the new year by taking advantage of this great offer. All service fees, for both existing and new customers, are now reduced by 20%. These prices are guaranteed for as long as this logo is displayed here. Please enjoy :-)

The fundamentals...

Mission statement

Whether your business is on the road to future success or you are a struggling student "our NATIVE ENGLISH PROOFREADERS and our NATIVE MALAY and ENGLISH TRANSLATORS will take your work (which we acknowledge as being incredibly important to you), and make it EVEN BETTER."


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Super secure and super fast. Now you can get GrammarProofing working for you quicker and safer than ever.


Problem Statement

Where did I go wrong?

Why take the chance that your documents are anything less than perfect? It takes a second pair of eyes to identify errors in your documents; and rest assured - there are errors!!!


The Consequences

What could my errors cost me?

The first mistake will achieve a raised eyebrow, the second mistake will lower the reader's interest level, and the third mistake will almost certainly cost you that Grade 'A' pass, pay rise, or life-changing contract.


The Solution

Where can I go for help?

At GrammarProofing.com, your first error will be treated in exactly the same way as your last. Trained eyes will seek them out and correct them, finally making your document ready for its intended audience.